Flights to Tulum

As one of the best-persevered coastal Maya sites in Mexico, Tulum is a busy tourist destination. Furthermore, being close to Cancun, and having one of the best beach coastlines in Mexico, Tulum is an ideal vacation spot. Numerous operators have regular flights to Tulum from many major US international airports. It is also possible to fly direct to Tulum from Canada and parts of Europe too.

Situated in the Yucatan Peninsula on the Caribbean Sea, Tulum’s scenic beaches and pleasant climate is equaled only by its cultural significance. For many travelers flying to Tulum, one of the key locations to visit is the Mayan archaeological site, which is one of the best-preserved in all of Mexico, and it is the third most visited destination in the country.

Cheap flights to Tulum

Finding cheap flights to Tulum isn’t that hard, and the best place to look is probably the internet. Using a website to compare cheap flights to Tulum is one way of getting the best deal, but there is another tactic for finding the cheapest Tulum flights. If you are willing to take the risk and not book a flight to Tulum until just a couple of weeks before you are due to travel, you can often get a discount ticket. However, this is not always possible and you run the risk of not getting a flight at all.

For people interested in visiting the Mayan archaeological sites in Tulum, it may be possible to save money by getting a package vacation. These deals usually include a plane ticket to Tulum along with a tour to the Mayan site, and can often work out cheaper than buying them separately. You will also avoid disappointment of finding that the extremely popular tours to the archaeological sites are all booked up when you arrive.

Flights to Tulum from Europe

For travelers from Europe, there are fewer direct flights to Tulum from European airports compared to the United States. However, major international airports such as Heathrow and Frankfurt do have direct Tulum flights, although they are not very frequent. For most travelers coming from Europe, getting a flight to Cancun and then a connecting flight to Tulum is usually the most practical way of getting there.

Another solution is to get a flight to Cancun and then hire a car or take a train to Tulum. However, public transport in Mexico is not as reliable or as comfortable as that in Europe, so getting a domestic flight to Tulum from Cancun International airport is recommended to all but the most experienced of travelers.