Flights to Namibia

Namibia is one of the top destinations in Africa for tourists from the west. With its beautiful scenery, enchanting safaris, and tropical beaches, it is no wonder. As a popular tourist destination, getting to Namibia is not difficult, and cheap flights to Namibia are fairly easy to come by. Most flights from the west arrive at capital city, Windhoek, from which it is easy to get domestic flights to almost anywhere in the country.

Most people who travel to Namibia will plan to go on safari and quite often you can get package deals that include flights to Namibia, domestic travel to one of the national parks, and a safari tour. These may cost a little more than if you plan your own vacation, but booking your own Namibia flights and tours can be quite a hassle. However, if you decide to book your own flight to Namibia, you do have several travel choices to make.

Flights to Namibia from USA

You have two choices to get to Namibia from the United States. You can either get a direct flight to Namibia from an International Airport such as Atlanta. However, these are not that common and normally you will have first to get a flight to Johannesburg, from where you then catch a flight to Namibia. However, for most American tourists it can make more sense to get a plane to London.

Because more international airports in the USA have flights to London than Africa, it is often far easier and quicker to fly to London Heathrow, and then take a direct flight to Namibia. This can save many hours in the air and gives you more freedom to fly to Namibia on whatever day you choose, as flights to Namibia leave the UK quite frequently.

Flights to Namibia from London

London has regular flights to Namibia. These flights are usually daily, so you are not restricted as to days when you can fly. Furthermore, flights to Namibia from the UK are usually direct, so you won’t have an annoying refueling stop. Most planes traveling to Namibia leave from London Heathrow, which is also where most inbound planes from the Uniteds States land too, so you also won’t have to commute between airports.

The flight from London to Namibia takes about the same time as flying from the eastern coast of the United States to the UK, so this route is often preferred by people who travel to Namibia because it lets you break up the journey in equal amounts. You can also spend a day or two in London to break up the journey even more, or plan your journey so you get off the plane from the USA and walk straight on to the flight to Namibia.