Flights from Seoul to Taipei

If you are visiting South Korea, then taking the opportunity to visit the neighboring Republic of China, commonly referred to as Taiwan, shouldn’t be missed. While they are neighboring countries, South Korea and Taiwan have starkly different cultures, and as flights from Seoul to Taipei leave regularly and are not that expensive, it really is worthwhile taking the time to visit the unique island of Taiwan if you are staying in Seoul.

While Taiwan has made its mark in the world as a leading manufacturer, the island is a heady mix of ancient culture and modernity. Full of temples and Buddhist monasteries, the cosmopolitan metropolis of Taipei still rivals any capital city in the world as it is home to Taipei 101, which was the world’s tallest building until its crown was taken by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2010.

Why fly from Seoul to Taipei

Taipei is a unique city and is also full of some of the world’s most impressive shopping malls and markets where you can buy almost anything. These make flights from Seoul to Taipei more than worth it for the shopping opportunities alone. However, the island has plenty else to offer the tourist too. Furthermore, flying from Seoul to Taipei only takes 2 hours 30 minutes, and usually tickets are fairly cheap.

With plenty of parks, green spaces and ancient Chinese architecture to feast your eyes on, catching a flight from Seoul to Taipei is certainly worth the time and money. In addition, if you can get a flight to Taipei from Seoul during one of the many Taiwan festivals, you will get to experience some remarkable events such as the famous dragon boat racing.

Booking flights from Seoul to Taipei

Various airlines run regular flights from Seoul to Taipei, which leave Incheon International Airport (Seoul) and arrive at Taoyuan International Airport (Taipei) throughout the day and night. Flights to Taipei from Seoul are fairly cheap, with tickets often available for just a couple of hundred dollars. Furthermore, you can often get the cheapest flights from Seoul to Taipei if you book well in advance. Many local travel agents in South Korea will also be able to help you find the cheapest Seoul to Taipei flights.

If you wish to plan your vacation or trip well in advance, you can even combine your flights from Seoul to Taipei with your ticket home. This way you can visit Taiwan at the end of your trip and get a direct flight from Taipei back home, which will save you the cost of a return flight from Taipei to Seoul.