7 of the Most Bizarre Airplane Meals in the World

7 of the Most Bizarre Airplane Meals in the World

Few people look forward to their in-flight meal, and airline food has a notoriously bad reputation. To be fair to the airlines, they do try to welcome you to your destination by offering you a taste of the food you can expect when you arrive. Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan and the end result can be a disaster.

In addition, over enthusiasm can sometimes mean that airline chefs have attempted something that just doesn’t work when you have to cook for hundreds of passengers. On other occasions, airline food has absolutely no thought put into it at all, and the end result is terrible.

Here are some of the most bizarre airplane meals offered to passengers around the globe.

1. Glow in the dark omelet

Food coloring can sometimes turn what otherwise would be a bland meal into something more appetizing. However, overdo food colorings and the result can be bizarre.

This omelet and sausage meal was served to a passenger on a Ukrainian flight. The most striking thing about it is the bright yellow color of the omelet. Needless to say, it went uneaten.

2. Uninspiring vegetarian option

You might not hope for much when ordering the vegetarian option on a flight, but you would expect more than this.

On this United Continental flight a vegetarian passenger was offered this uninspiring plain packet omelet as a main meal. At least they got desert.

3. Eggplant disaster

Some things are notoriously difficult to cook. Only the bravest of chefs ever mess with eggplants because the end result can just be a limp mess.

Despite this, these airline chefs thought they’d give it a go, with the end result being a rather unappetizing disaster. Probably tasted a lot better than it looked, but that wouldn’t be hard.

4. Cute faced dessert

While most airlines are happy serving drab food that won’t put a smile on your face, Air Nippon are at least putting a smile on their food.

These cute panda cookies are served up to passengers on domestic Japanese flights, and at least are pleasing to look at.

5. Green goo

A sauce is meant to complement a meal and make it look even more appetizing. However, whoever cooked this airline meal must have either have been color blind or sneezed in the kitchen.

This green goo has got to be one of the most unappetizing things you could ever expect to see on your plate.

6. Unidentifiable with rice

You know the chef has lost the plot when the food served is completely unidentifiable. On this Copenhagen flight passengers spent many an hour discussing among themselves what the identity of this meal was.

It was certainly something served with rice, but exactly what was almost impossible to tell. Apparently, even after tasting it the unfortunate passengers were none the wiser.

6. The shape of success

If you can’t make your food interesting, you can at least serve it on interesting plates. This is exactly what Emirates have done on some of their economy class meals.

The food may be drab and uninspiring, but at least it looks good when served on such stylish crockery.


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