35 Signs You’re a Travafoodaholic

35 Signs You’re a Travafoodaholic

Eating foreign foods is a fantastic part of any travel adventure, but has it become the thing that dominates every trip you take? Could you… could you possibly be a Travafoodaholic?!

Check out this list to see if your obsession with food and travel could be verging on addiction:

  1. Your Seven Wonders of the World can all be found on a plate.
  2. You can order a cappuccino in 20 languages.
  3. Your entire travel budget goes on food.
  4. You’ve visited farmers’ markets in over 10 countries.
  5. You’ve climbed mountains for flat-bread.
  6. You missed Rome because you were too busy eating gelato.
  7. You know your Thai chili from your Mexican chili.
  8. It wasn’t the history or the architecture but the movie “Chocolat” that inspired you to visit France.
  9. Your travel blog is full of recipes.
  10. You check out the street food before checking into your hotel.
  11. Your chopstick technique rivals the Chinese.
  12. You’ve been to Feta.
  13. You’ve been to Modena.
  14. You’ve been to Dijon.
  15. You’ve been to Wensleydale.
  16. You’ve been to Parma.
  17. You go camping just to use your cooking stove.
  18. You dream of Belgian chocolate.
  19. Your Lassi recipe came directly from India.
  20. Your travel photos are all of food.
  21. You tried chicken brain in China to compare it to alpaca in Peru.
  22. You spent your time at La Tomatina with your mouth open.
  23. You head straight to the food section in every guidebook.
  24. When you hear “Spanish” you think cuisine not language.
  25. You’d rather leave town than eat in the same place twice.
  26. You skip the free hotel breakfast in favor of local fare.
  27. You use up half of your baggage allowance on exotic spices.
  28. You know your shakshuka from your shawarma.
  29. You stalk the locals to find the best eateries.
  30. You take a market picnic on flights and buses.
  31. Your friends won’t travel with you because you make them fat.
  32. You’ve considered crossing time zones to fit in more meals.
  33. You wouldn’t order pasta outside of Italy.
  34. Your travel research consists of locating the top 10 eateries and little else. 
  35. Your dearest travel friends are all edible.

How did you score? Let me know in the comments. Anything over 20 and you might just be a travafoodaholic!

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You missed Rome because you were too busy eating gelato. Photo by Tarnie.

You spent your time at La Tomatina with your mouth open. Photo by flydime.

You can order a capuccino in 20 languages. Photo by Srta. Bia.

Main photo: the movie “Chocolat” inspired you to visit France. Photo by Canon S3 IS in Paris.


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  1. @TravelEater Thursday - 02 / 02 / 2012 Reply
    Wait a sec, are you implying that this isn't normal?!?! ;-)
  2. Jade - OurOyster.com Sunday - 05 / 02 / 2012 Reply
    MMmmmmmMM Food is one of my favourite things about travel!!
  3. Vera Marie Badertscher Sunday - 05 / 02 / 2012 Reply
    I thought I had a food problem because my friends want to know why my travel notes to them are all about food--but I see that there are people much more extreme than I am. Whew! Won't have to give up the search for the best gelato in Venice or the best moussaka in Greece. Can continue to buy food from vendors selling through the train windows. Don't have to throw away my horde of names and addresses of friends of friends who own/cook at/serve at restaurants in foreign cities, won't have to stop scheduling my trips around food festivals.
  4. Cole @ www.FourJandals.com Friday - 24 / 02 / 2012 Reply
    Haha this is awesome! And totally agree with ALL of them :)
  5. Samuel Tso Tuesday - 28 / 02 / 2012 Reply
    I scored 21 do I pass? I've been to Parma, Feta and Dijon. Yes my chopsticks skills are unrivaled and yes my female friends won't travel with me anymore for fear of expanding waistlines!
  6. Jo Fitzsimons Thursday - 01 / 03 / 2012 Reply
    I panic at the idea of a long bus journey and no access to good food - travel hell!
  7. Red Saturday - 03 / 03 / 2012 Reply
    Great list...who doesn't get obsessed with good food when they travel!?

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