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The world we are living in is full of brilliant ideas. Everyone all round are full of different ideas that the world around them and the world in general need, but unfortunately many of this ideas cannot expressed or are mostly expressed in the wrong way. As a blogger have come across different people with different but one thing i see in everyone of meet is that everyone has his or her own ideas about something.

How to sell your ideas to the world, in this articles i will show you the best tips you need to sell your ideas to the world as a blogger, this article will be limited to bloggers alone. To every blogger out there am written this article purposely because of you. It is popularly said that “You are not disturbed by things but you disturbed by your ideas of things”. Your ideas about things you are doing are very important, stop fooling yourself your ideas matters a lot. There are many blogger with great ideas but the are not great bloggers because the didn’t allow their great ideas to turn them to great bloggers. Ideas are the picture of the mind which you can turn to reality as a blogger.

There are different blogging tips written by different authors but in this article am going to show the best tips. Listed below are the best blogging tips you need as blogger to sell your ideas to the world.



There are countless number of ideas in the world but what the the world need is a unique one. As a blogger this is the first thing you need on how to sell your ideas to the world. What you need is not just idea but you need a very unique ideas not even many ideas but just one unique idea. Don”t be bloggers that are doing things as others are doing but become a blogger with a unique idealogy. The blog world today needs bloggers with unique idea.



The next step on How to sell your ideas to the world is to protect your unique idea. Even before presenting your ideas to anybody, may be your friends, family or business partner don’t forget to protect your idea. Protecting your idea is easy but many find it difficult to protect it because it is not their idea in the first place. If your idea is unique and it belong to you, you will be able to protect it with the power of the idea. Know your Idea Power, for every idea there is a power inside once you discover this power, it will help you to protect it. The power will serve as security of your idea and will make people to come back to you for it. Give out ideas but dont give out its power, the power of idea is its unique ability that others cannot find somewhere else.



In whatever you do in life one thing is very important and that’s value. On How to sell your ideas to the world you need to set value for your idea. As a blogger do ask yourself these two questions. How much is your idea’s worth in the market? How much are you willing to sell your idea? All this figure must be sorted out before sharing and selling your idea to the world. As Blogger you must be ready to answer these two questions or else you will find it impossible to get people reading your blog. When you set value for your idea this make you attractive to Potential Company and not just anybody.



Many Bloggers are making less profit from their blog because they are selling their ideas to anybody that comes their way. If you are Blogger that wants the world to buy your idea, this is very important you need potential companies that can buy your ideas. Have this in your mind you cant attract potential companies without setting value for your ideas.



This is the last thing you need as a blogger to sell your ideas to the world. Don’t just be an idea seller but become a potential and tactical seller, engage your potential buyers in a tactical way. Set minimum selling options for your idea, when you set minimum selling options for idea you must not sell below it but you can sell above it. This will make negotiation easy and interesting.

With these five tips you are sure to sell your ideas to the world as a Blogger. I will like your comments if you put to practice the five listed above tips.

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