How To Write Your First Blog Post

After selecting your niche, purchasing your domain and hosting, choosing a professional theme for your WordPress site and setting things up to make your blog live on the internet, It’s time to publish your first blog post.But when it comes to writing the first blog post, it’s challenging to decide how to write and what to post on your blog.
Your first blog post is your first impression to the world, and you have to catch the audience attention at first glance. You can do this by writing something interesting and informative.
If you lose the focus and fail to impress your audience with your writing skills in your first blog post, then most of the visitors will show no interest in your blog in the future.
So to make your first blog article to be exciting and attractive you have to follow the steps below to get some positive reviews from the audience.


To have a good impression of your blog in the reader’s mind, and make them bookmark your blog for easy access for the next time. First, you have to write something about yourself and introduce yourself to the world.
Doing so will not only help your readers to know about you but also can help them to build a strong relationship with you.
Introducing your self in your first blog post is good. It is also essential to include your profile picture and links to your social accounts so that people can recognize you with your face. This can help to grow your fans and audience and this way more people will come to visit your blog.
I know you all will be having the question in your mind, that why would I need an introduction in my first article even when I have an about page on my blog which tells about me.
The answer is simple.
People when coming to your blog they might land through your very first blog post and this way reading the article they can easily know about you.
To sum up, I would say that it is essential to have your introduction in your first blog article for an increase in your fans and high ranking results.


In your first blog post, it is also good to mention the people who will get benefit from your blog. This will help the visitors to understand what they have to expect from the blog and if the visitors are the one whom you are going to write for than they will feel welcomed and will come for the next time.


As blogging is a vast field and you can start blogging and write about anything. So if you mention in your first blog post that what you are going to blog about. Then it will be apparent to the audience that what they have to expect and what will they found on this blog.
If you have started a micro niche or a new broad niche blog. In any case let visitors know about your upcoming blog posts. Encourage them to visit about what you are going to write next and create a suspense among the readers so that they must visit your blog for the next time.


To make your first blog post more attractive, you also have to tell the visitors that why you start blogging. As there are so many exciting areas to work and earn then why you come to blogging. Don’t make fake stories. Just tell them the truth and motivate them through some real life-changing story.
Tell the audience about you set goals and aims. The more people know about your intentions and your dreams; then it may be obvious that your fans and audience help you to make your dreams come true.


Appreciating visitors will significantly improve your presence on the internet. Everyone knew that you are new in the field and hence to win peoples heart, you have to appreciate them to comment. You have to ensure them that you love to have comments on your blog posts and answer each of them.
You have to share with them that they can do guest posting and if they want the other way, then you can also post on their blogs to increase your audience.
Also encourage the blog visitors to contact if they have any questions, valuable suggestions or any other queries. Ensure that you will entertain their questions and suggestions.


Writing your first blog post is sometimes really confusing. You don’t know what to write and how to get started. But this simple step guide will not only help in writing your first blog article but will also help people to know about you and your blog.

Let us know about how you write your first blog post and share your experience with us through your comments.

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