Love at the Dinner Table, Divorced at the Parking Lot

It ’twas the night before Christmas and all through the [Yard] House, all the bartenders were stirring…even the mouse. Ok, I lost it at the end. Go figure. My friends and I decided to get together before the holidays to have dinner, drinks, and gossip. Hey, what else do we need, a boy has to watch his figure. There we were all dressed up and ready to eat. One of my friends, invited his coworkers, one of them apparently gay and single. He told me, that I would like him, he is young, cute, and white…cause I like white guys.

After a few drinks, the aforesaid cute white boy shows up. Our eyes locked, we said hello, exchanged names. He was adorable. Plaid shirt, skinny jeans, my indie alt boy dream come true. This must be what

was singing about. There he sat, right across from me. We chatted amongst the group and got to know each other through simple questions. He loves music, so do I. He loves to cuddle, so do I. He wants something more than just sex, so do I. It was love already at first sight/chat. He smiled, he laughed at my dumb humor. He got me. Plus, it didn’t hurt that he is a DJ! Cute!

Then the dilemma reared it’s ugly head. Apparently while in the bathroom with my friend, I found out the guy showed some interest in my friend. You know what we say around here, don’t date/fuck in company waters. So my friend continued to press the idea that the guy liked me. So I asked, what I should of probably not asked and have already known to stay away from, “is it alright if I get his number.” My friend said yeah it’s cool, he obviously likes you. Going against my better judgement, I went back to the booth and slid right next to the guy. Note to self: If your friend says it is alright, it really isn’t, especially when it comes to a guy.

It was cute. Our eyes met face to face, he got all shy. We talked about our favorite bands and the music scene. I swear I heard,

, by

come on. I bought him a drink. He was gushing that someone bought him a drink. He said most guys make him pay for everything. Too cute.

So there we were enjoying our presence when all of a sudden he wrapped his arm around mine. We were holding hands. That was it, it was love. He wanted to be close to me. In our minds the wedding was planned and done. He might as well have called me babe. We tried to enjoy the time together, like love at a club.

The night was coming to an end and we all started saying our goodbyes. I ended up getting the guy’s number. We walked out together hand in hand, and then under the clear night sky, with my ex and best friend walking behind me, we kissed. His lips were soft and sweet. It was perfect.

Two weeks later…we have yet to text.

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