Free Product Marketing: A benefit or a curse?

“A popular method for list building is distributing free products, which is normally done via affiliates who are marketing.”

Affiliate marketing has made myself, and others, a whole grip of money. In fact when I first started marketing the average 2 field (normally a name and email address) affiliate offer averaged between $15.00 and $30.00 per free submission! Now those same offers are worth, well take a guess. That was 10 years ago, you’d assume the rate would sky rocket, right? Actually, the payout is somewhere in the 10% range of the original values. Not 10% more, the average payout is between $1.50 and $3.50 total!

When I first started marketing almost everyone was making money from their list. They had BUSINESS backgrounds as do I. Now there’s a handful in each group making money. Almost no one I come across now has a small tidbit has experience in business. Sure there are a few car salesmen that everyone look upto, for the most part there are a bunch of followers bumping into each other in a very confused manner. When one person makes money, everyone latches on and gives that idea shot. When there’s no money made overnight, they start walking around that circle again – a very, very sad state. Nobody thinks to walk around that circle and look for a way to pull themselves out.

NOW the money’s in the list and you can almost assume someones habits based on how they got on that list! So let’s give them something for free and get them on my list to throw more free stuff at them! That makes sense to you? Go read “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” and see why those free seekers aren’t buying from you.

Another benefit of giving away free crap – sorry, products – is that you’re not associated with money! You can officially call yourself the Welfare Marketer (or Obama-teer)! Good for you, you gave yourself no value whatsoever (not even a smidgen). What are you going to accomplish next?

AH HA! You can go and pay someone who has no buyers but a TON of people that want more free stuff to send an email to their list! Well, atleast you helped spur some intelligent (HAHAHA) spending online – right? Wait, you mean to tell me that your offer on blogging did NOT convert to a list who signed up for graphic design on sales pages? No kidding, and you didn’t see that one coming? I must be a fortune teller.

Affiliate marketing is when you make money selling stuff, right? So how does promoting something free help? You couldn’t give them one solid tip that leads into them wondering what else to do? That’s where that silly little thing called a call to action works in your favor. Question for you, how much do you as an affiliate make selling that free stuff? WHAT!?!?! You are NOT selling it? Seeing you’re more into charity than marketing to make money why don’t you consider the priesthood? I heard they do very well and they give out free stuff too (I am not dissing the church, I am a proud Congregationalist/Catholic).

Do me a favor and re-read the first paragraph. After reading the rest of this information, what do you think? Do you agree with me when I say that statement is wrong in so many areas it is ridiculous!? If you think it is tough to get people moving with words and that’s why your hurting yourself – sorry, not doing as well as you could, with that free crap – STUFF, have to remember it’s called stuff, sorry again – look into “Constant Content – The Google Gift “, it’s probably on page 80 or something on the Warrior Forum but it’s a massively powerful product (with VALUE! EASY sell to anyone in marketing, go sell a few – your list needs it as badly as you do!)

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