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There are those that have no problem signing up for a social networking website and immediately begin making friends and having people follow them. They are extroverts. They are not shy and love being around people.

What about the opposite? The introverts. Someone like you maybe?

Depending on the study you are looking at the range is anywhere between 30 to 60 percent of the world’s population are what is called an introvert. Basically it just means you’re shy and like to keep to yourself. There is a bigger, more clinical definition, but I like mine better. Anyway, I tend to go with the larger percentage just because that’s been my experience. Being an introvert myself, it’s easy to see who is and who isn’t. Most of the people I know, or about 60% of them, are introverts.

So how does an introvert actively engage on Twitter to help leverage the advertising impact? That was something I had to learn also. I am incredibly shy around new people and even on the internet I feel as if they can see right through the computer and will dismiss me in a second. But, I found some tips very helpful and when I put them into practice they helped me immensely.

Sign up for Twitter now if you haven’t! The first step to conquering anything is to actually take the first steps to doing it. So, go do it… sign up for an account with Twitter as your first follower.

Look and listen before crossing the street. Hear me very clearly on this… you do not have to immediately start tweeting! You can take your time. Do not feel that you have to begin posting as soon as you sign up. It wouldn’t do any good until you start to get some followers anyway!

Before you do anything… follow other people who have similar interests or are in the same niche/affiliate topic you are. This is easy to do with the search function at the top of the website. Look at what they are saying. Listen to how they say it. When you feel comfortable then start engaging them in the conversation.

Start out small and then progress from there.

Use the @ reply function to engage others in conversation. The way you reply to someone on Twitter is by using ‘@’ and then the username. Twitter makes this very easy with a little curved arrow at the end of each tweet in the timeline. You can just click the arrow and then type in your reply.

Use it. When someone types in something that you like, agree with, or has a question about, then reply. This will get you more followers (if they are not following you already) and will also help you become more comfortable in talking to others.

Start tweeting what you’re doing. The whole premise of Twitter is the “What are you doing?” moniker. The easiest way to get started with Twitter is to continually answer that question. Tweet about your daily life. “Good morning”, “Getting my first coffee”, “It’s raining again”, “Great day outside… my family and I are having a BBQ on the deck!”, or “Getting started with writing some articles then have to run errands” are all things you can tweet. Make it personal and let others know you are a real person.

Ask a question of your own. Once you have a few followers, take another big step and initiate a conversation. Ask a question about some aspect of your business. Ask a question about Twitter. Ask a question about other forms of social media. It doesn’t really matter. Just ask.

Ask a question of a follower of someone you’re following. Huh? On everyone’s profile there is place where you can see who is following them and who that person is following. Use this feature to find others that you didn’t know. Also, on each profile you can see the conversations that person is having with other people they follow. If you see a thread you like, that deals with a topic you want to know about. @ reply to that person with a question. Chances are you’ll get a reply back and a new follower.

Remember it isn’t a popularity contest. One of the biggest reasons that people feel shy and introverted is because they don’t think they will be accepted. That’s my biggest fear. I put off any social media network for the longest time until I took the courage to finally join. Once I realized that it’s not a popularity contest (flashes of high school always invade my thoughts) I was a little more relaxed and could converse a little more freely and with more confidence. The people who follow you, and the people you follow, are doing to because it’s beneficial. Both to you and them.

Twitter is for introverts… no more excuses!

You can do this. You can use social media outlets even if you’re the shyest person on the planet. Use these tips to help get you started.

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