Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Tips

1. Carefully choose your Merchants.

Many affiliates out there always go for merchants who pay the highest commission. Make your choice of merchant on the basis of quality of product and high reputation. Another factor which you should consider is the sell-through-rate so as to determine what merchant will convert best. (I choose to promote Super Affiliate Machine because I know it will be a great product)

2. Integrity is imperative

Do not recommend a product or service that you will not want to buy for yourself or you will not recommend to any of your loved ones. There are lots of reputable affiliate merchants available so you can afford to be choosy.

3. Your Niche of choice is very key:

The Niche you choose to focus on will determine how much traffic you will be able to drive to your website and how much revenue you will generate. There is so much competition on the internet, choosing a niche that has less competition will ensure your success in affiliate marketing.

4. Promote products relevant to your site content

You need to promote products which have relevance to your site content. You will be getting less traffic to your affiliate link or banner if you promote a product or service that has no bearing with your niche. For example, if your site is about tooth care, you will have to promote dental products. Do not promote electronics, real estate or make money products.

5. Fewer banner ads will do:

Avoid the temptation of putting up many affiliate banner ads on your website. This will only make your site appear ugly and crowded. You will not be able to make affiliate commissions this way. A few banner ads are just enough to rake in cash for you.

6. Personally recommend your merchant’s product.

Adding banners on your site can earn you affiliate sales. But no sales strategy works better than making a personal recommendation for the product or service you are promoting. Only do this for products or services you have tried yourself and have confidence in.

7. Track Records:

Always try to find out the track records of affiliate merchants before you choose anyone of them. There are lots of affiliate merchants out there. Do not pitch your tent with a merchant that cannot deliver, else you will be receiving complaints from buyers and your sales will decline.

8. Select different merchants for your niche.

Do not select all your affiliate products from just one merchant as this may be risky. Do not choose too many merchants. You can choose your affiliate products from a few merchants. This will ensure that you do not offer too many products to your website visitors.

9. Always add original content:

Search engines such as Google are always on the lookout for duplicate content. You will be penalized if the content on your site is not original. There are plenty of article websites that will give you free content on any topic to use for your blog or website.

10. Always add content to your site:

Search engines love websites with changing content. You can make some changes to the content on your site on a monthly basis so that the search engines will see your site as having updated content. If you do not update your site regularly, your website ranking will drop and this will adversely affect your affiliate earnings.

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