Octane and Caffeine

It’s been a long day delivering for Uncle Enzo. For those that don’t get the reference, Snowcrash..read it, live it, love it.

Anyways, the day was rather nice. Did a bit of post-xmas Gift card shopping and got myself a nice collection for Frank Sinatra DVDs from walmart for like $12 bucks (Thanks sis!) and a replacement gift for my mom (damn places not shipping things on time!).

After that, I got home and continued remold my father into the nerd he used to be. My dad used to be one heck of a nerd…we were one of the first houses on the block with a network in it and a server and all that fun stuff. He really inspired me to start on my nerdy ways. Sadly, he fell out of it as I continued to get more and more into it. I’ve just recently begun encouraging him to dip into that nerd well again. He has his laptop, but also has a small desktop that run Ubuntu (my doing) and I helped him setup a Windows Server 2003 box for our home server.

Anyways, to the brunt of today’s nerd adventure, my parents just got home from visiting my grandparents in the great state of Arkansas (properly pronounced ARRR-kansas) and my grandfather, being the great nerd he is, wanted to come up with a VPN solution to try and share his photos with us. Now, I originally suggested Flickr or Picasa, but he wanted something more private and non-web based. So, after rolling ideas around involving OpenVPN, Windows VPNs, etc…my mind settled on Hamachi. I played with Hamachi ages ago, in my dark ages of working at the highschool as a lowly nerd, not even the boss yet. It worked well, but this was before they were bought out by LogMeIn. I lost touch with it and haven’t looked at it since.

I must say…I’m impressed. I officially qualify Hamachi as “PFM” (pure freakin magic). Setup was a breeze, with prompts so easy that my father could figure them out with minimal prompting from me. I explained how Hamachi works (private networks with passwords and all that) and helped him setup his file sharing and permissions via windows (once again, with minimal prompting from me) and Boom Goes the Dynamite…it was done. A quick check of all the settings, another 5 minutes of setting the client up on his laptop, and it was all done. I’m sure my grandpa will be able to figure out how to set it up on his end…and we have our VPN.

Anyways, long rambly sleep-deprived post over…I strongly suggest Hamachi for anyone that needs a VPN connection.

Now, I’m off to watch Eagle Eye and see how awful it was. Don’t spoil the end for me. Goodnight world

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