Apple iPhone – Leading Or Following?

Apple has been a leader in a number of different areas and the iPhone has been something special since the day that it first was released. Since that time, Apple has faced some serious competition from the Android OS which has cut into their global market share. Some of the momentum for Android phones has slowed down in recent months and Apple has choices to make as to the direction that they are going to go. They have been a leader for technology in mobile handsets for so long and with the delay, they risk losing their leadership role and may become a follower of others who are beginning to getting the technology out before them.

Since the expected release of the iPhone was to be in June of this year, the delay and a rumored release of September has many wondering just what will be included in the next generation iPhone from Apple. Others have beaten Apple in providing LTE phones, such as the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt. For Apple, they will need to include LTE capabilities in the next mobile phone which will need to be far superior to those that are already on the market. If they fail to deliver on LTE or do not provide a superior device for LTE, they will be following what others have done for LTE and not be leading the way for everyone else to follow.

While NFC is the next big item being talked about for later this year, Apple has an opportunity to beat many to market and provide for the Near Field Communication by including the necessary chip in their next iPhone. Many others will be providing for this towards the end of the 3rd quarter and if Apple does not include this technology, they will then be following others some time next year when they come out with another iPhone. If they include it in September, they will then be continuing their history of leading the market.

There are so many rumors about what Apple is going to include in the next iPhone and much of it will be ahead of most of the other phone manufacturers in the market. If the majority of the rumors are true and Apple does include them, they will be forcing everyone else to follow them and try and keep up. If there are only a few of the rumored items, then Apple will move to a role of following the other competitors in the mobile phone market.

Apple is facing a pivotal point right now where they will either continue to lead with everyone else following them or they will move from their leadership role and be another company in the pack that is following the leader.

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