Review Round-Up: Kiddie Catch-All

Ok if you are a soon-to-be parent and this is a product you don’t think you need, then I should just post a picture of the back of our truck! This is something I could totally use!!

Kiddie Catch-All™ is the perfect accessory for your car, truck or minivan! Fill it with books, toys, games, snacks, sippie cups…whatever your child wants is now right at their fingertips with the Kiddie Catch-All™. Never worry about picking things off the floor while driving again! And no more taking your eyes off the road! Keep your car organized, your family safe and your children occupied with the Kiddie Catch-All™.

Sounds simple right? Let’s see what our reviewers thought:

Army Mom’s Place: I love how simple it is t use, and how easy the mesh netting comes out for washing! And I was impressed by how much can fit into there Kiddie Catch-Alls! I love that my son isn’t thoroughly upset the second something slides off of his lap, and that he just puts his cup, pacifier, and book right back into the Kiddie Catch-All when he wants to move on to something else!

Angela’s Analysis: I love the fact that they are made here in the USA and come with a CD of bible songs to play in the carInstallation was very easy, just hook on and go. I also loved that you could get things out easy without flipping the basket inside out or yanking it off.

Moana Saves: He [2 year old] can easily grab any item he needs right out of the catch-all. He loves having his OWN special place to put things. Even my big kids who sit next to cup holders & cubbies wanted one for themselves. This Catch-All mesh bag can even be adjusted for height or removed to be washed, such a great idea.

Your World: Healthy and Natural: The only thing that I can think of that could be improved is to make it a little longer lengthwise, so some of his larger books could fit in too. Otherwise, I love it. I don’t have to hear him saying he is bored and wants some toys. I also think it will be perfect for when we need to eat lunch in the car on those long trips. I can put his sippy cup, napkins and snacks in the Kiddie Catch-All. I love new products that make a parent’s life easier!

Growing a Baby Reviews: Today, for the first time in pretty much ever, we made the entire drive from our home to church without Ethan even once saying the phrase “Mommy- I dropped it! Get it!” It’s [Kiddie Catch-All] another one of those “why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?” products.

Dad of Divas Reviews: What was nice about this new product was that it allowed us to start the trip with everything right there in the basket. This doesn’t mean that they will remain there for the entire trip, but there is a much higher chance of success!

Blah Blah Reviews: We tried the Kiddie Catch-All out in my husband’s car. We installed it on the side closest to the door, since both big boys also sometimes need to fit in the back seat with him. I was pleased to see that Robbie could reach it and the door handle cleared it, too! Perfect!

A Mom’s Take: My radian sits really low though so the basket was longer than the seat sits. It is still totally usable though. My 2 year old took his shoes right off and put them into the basket.

Mommas Review: Unfortunately, it did not fit on my son’s booster seat – there is simply nowhere to attach it. Any booster seat moms reading this click here to make sure that the Kiddie Catch-All will fit your seat before you buy. We’ve got his perched on the cup holder right now but he’s not really using it, except to pick it up every now and then and play with it or ask me why it’s there.

3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires: I want to point out that the Kiddie Catch-All also hooked perfectly to the car door handle and the pocket on the back of the front passenger seat. Both my kids loved that their stuff was able to stay in the car and that it had a place to “live”. I thought it was well-made as well from durable plastic and strong, sturdy netting, which is removable and machine washable. It will surely last for a while with regular use.

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