New Operating Sysytem Android 2.0

The first screenshots of the new operating system Android 2.0 have appeared, and they give an pretty good idea of the new features. The new version of the OS will be findable on the Motorola’s Android device, which will be called Droid.
The Android 2.0 screenshots that have appeared from an early test version, are published on the blog from Boy Genius Report. From the images that are shown appears that the new OS, has given the code name Eclair and gives home support for Exchange mail servers. It is also able to include Facebook contacts in the address book, what can be very usefull these days. Besides that google has also developed a so-called unified mailbox, which e-mails from multiple accounts are collected into one central mailbox collection. Gmail accounts however still need to be approached using a separate application, which is a pitty.

The Google Maps application has according to Boy Genius gotten support for displaying various information layers, such as Wikipedia topics and traffic information such as traffic jams and speed cameras. There is also a multitouch functionality added, although it is still quite limited. Thus the user can zoom in by quickly by tapping two fingers on the display. The browser in Android 2.0 should be significantly faster than in the current Android phones, but support for Flash 10 is still missing for now. It will be available later.

The YouTube application should allow you to upload a video with fewer steps, while the new Car Home application provides a greatly reduced number of functions for using a mobile phone while driving in a car. With that voice control is supported, where the user for instance verbally can instruct his device to show any nearby gas stations on the map. Therefor Android will open Google Maps and display the information on the map. Finally, the contact management is also improved by bringing in more links, including to Facebook for instance.

One of the first devices that will get to use Android 2.0 is the droid from Motorola. The device, previously known under the name Sholes, will possibly be out on the market end of this month in the U.S. available in combination with a subscription from Verizon. Verizon now has the “DroidDoes’ commercial campaign launched, which focuses directly on the alleged disadvantages of the iPhone. Among others the absence of multitasking, an external keyboard and an open development environment are called in the commercial.

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