Google officially put FaceTime’s “rival” on the web, and this is how to use it

Now you can experience Google Duo service right on your computer without needing a smartphone.

After bringing Android Messenger application to the web, Google continues to add free video calling service Google Duo to “enough sets”. Still offered free and full-featured like the version for Android or iOS, Google Duo web platform promises to become one of the booming video calling services in the future, when the number of users Android is rising, along with the versatility that this multi-platform Google Duo brings.

Below are some of the Google Duo web testing images, please read.

First go to the address “”. If you are a new user, click the selection line “I new new to Duo”, and if you have used this service before, click the option below.

If you select “I new new to Duo”, you will be asked to enter the phone number to receive the activation code.

Of course, you will need to authorize Google Duo to display a notification in your browser.

When you have completed the account activation and notification permission, Google Duo will proceed to scan your contacts list and display the list of contacts using Google Duo.

The Google Duo web platform is also equipped with both call making features, which are called “Voice Call” and “Video Call” video calls. Of course, you must authorize Google Duo in the web to use these computer functions.

The call interface is simple and similar to the application version on Android and iOS.

Google Duo web platform also supports the unique feature Knock Knock, allowing you to preview live video (display up to 30 seconds before you receive a call or disconnect) of your friends without accepting call.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?