20 Signs You’re an Airplane Nerd

For some people, flying is a chore that has to be suffered in order for them to reach their desired vacation destination. However, there are some people for whom the flying part is the highlight of any trip.

If you love planes and look forward to the flight more than the vacation, there is a good chance you are addicted to airplanes.

Here are 20 signs that indicate you’re an airplane nerd.

1) You know that the major difference between the Airbus A319 and A320 is that there are more toilets on the 320.

2) When you moved home, you deliberately chose somewhere near an airport or flight path.

3) When you undo a seat-belt in a car, you automatically try and undo the belt on your lap.

4) You book an airplane ticket, not because of the price, but because of the type of aircraft the airline uses.

5) You choose a vacation destination, simply because you had never been on that type of aircraft.

6) You can recite the entire in-flight safety message word for word.

7) You can tell just by listening to the engine that a plane is due a service.

8) After take off, you mention to the stewardess that the pilot is taking his time raising the flaps.

9) You not only have a flight sim on your PC, but you have also recreated an entire 12-hour transatlantic journey.

10) When somebody tells you they have just returned from vacation, you ask which aircraft they flew in.

11) You are the only person you know that enjoys airline meals.

12) You’ve watched more movies on an airplane that you have at a movie theater.

13) When an airline company buys a new aircraft, you book a ticket, no matter where it’s going.

14) You own a pair of binoculars and can identify aircraft simply by their shape.

15) You claim not to be a plane spotter, but you do have a book in which you write down plane numbers at the airport.

16) You have a season ticket for your local airport parking lot.

17) Most of your belongings were ordered from SkyMall.

18) You own every James Patterson paperback, which you have bought at airport book stores.

19) You can identify an airport’s location simply by its three letter code.

20) You don’t fly direct because an indirect flight means you get to go on more planes.

How did you score? Let me know in the comments. Anything over 15 and you’re a bona-fide airplane addict. Seek help from fellow sufferers in the comments!

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