Do You Make these 6 Common Air Travel Mistakes?

While it has never been easier to travel, going to a foreign destination still requires some thought and planning. Obviously forgetting your passport is not going to get your vacation off to a good start, but these days airports are awash with rules and regulations, and it’s all too easy to get into a muddle at the check-in counter.

How many of these common air travel mistakes have you made?

1) Going to the wrong airport

This happens more often then you may imagine. Usually it is on the return journey when unwitting travelers fail to realize that there happens to be more than one airport at their holiday destination.

While it may all look a bit different to how we remembered it when we arrived, it is only when you can’t find your flight listed on the boards that the terrible realization sinks in. Normally, the result is a mad dash across town, made all the worse by the fact that by now you’ve either spent or exchanged all your holiday cash so have nothing to offer a taxi driver.

2) Booking connecting flights without leaving enough time

Airports are big places, and these days getting on and off a plane involves all sorts of checks and having to wait in lines. However, despite this, and probably due to how easy it now is to buy airline tickets online, people often book a connecting flight with just minutes from when they are expected to land.

Normally this results in you missing the plane and having to go through all the expense and hassle of booking another seat. You really do need to leave several hours for getting your luggage, checking it back in and going through security. Not only that, but your first flight could also be delayed, or bad weather might mean it will take longer than expected to arrive.


3) Drinking too much

While waiting in an airport isn’t much fun, and a few stiff drinks can help you relax, especially if you are a nervous flier, far too many people over indulge before setting foot on a plane.

Not only does being the worse for drink mean that the airline may refuse you from boarding the plane, but also sobering up on an airliner is not much fun, and arriving at your destination with a hangover is not the best way to start any vacation.


4) Not preparing for luggage mishaps

Simply throwing everything into a suitcase is asking for trouble. Luggage commonly goes awry, and if you really need to ensure you have a spare set of clothes and a few essentials in your carry on luggage.

If your luggage does go missing, it will no doubt turn up eventually, but by then you could have spent the first few days of your vacation in the same set of clothes.


5) Checking your passport expiry date

While most people will check their passport has not expired during the dates they plant to travel, what most people seem to forget is that many countries will refuse entry to anybody whose passport is due to expire in the next six months, and that there must be at least one clean page remaining in the passport.

Fail to meet this criteria and you could be put on the first plane home.


6) Not planning for time in the air

Flights can be long and laborious so you really need to make sure you are prepared. Having plenty of water, snacks, and a book to read may not sound important, but if you have an eight-hour flight ahead of you and nothing to do it can soon feel like hell.

Furthermore, airplane air is very dry, so you need plenty of fluids with you.


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